Dr. Mohammed Al Amri Ophthalmologist-Retina Specialist

Dr. Mohammed Al Amri was born in Yemen. Dr. Amri is an Ophthalmologist-Retina Specialist, Head of CME at the Ophthalmic Department at Al Qassimi & Kuwaiti Hospital and a Lecturer at the Medical College at Sharjah University. Dr. Amri is also the Vice President and the Head of the scientific committee of Al Qassimi Ophthalmology International Conference ‘QOIC’. Over the past 16 years he has worked in a wide variety of professional capacities in the government sector. He earned his MBBS in 1994 and HSDO in 1999 from Jordan University, in Amman-Jordan.

Dr. Amri has given many lectures to undergraduate students and to healthcare professionals in local and international conferences. Dr. Amri is currently the principle investigator in different clinical trials since 2014.

Dr. Amri is doing cataract surgeries using the latest technologies and has also been using the new method of treatment for Macular Edema through different types of Anti-VEGF and Steroids for the last 6 years.