Dr . Adel AbdelshafikProfessor

He was graduated in 1976, had master degree in ophthalmology (1981) and Doctorate degree in ophthalmology (1986); all from Ain Shams University in Cairo. Egypt He is working at Ain Shams University since graduation and he is a professor since 1997.

He has vast experience in teaching ophthalmology, supervising and judging a large number of studies carried out in Ain shams university and other Egyptian universities.

He is reviewer of the Egyptian journal of ophthalmology, delta journal of ophthalmology in Egypt.

He shared in different meeting and short visits to universities in Libya, Sudan and Tunisia and other Arabic countries.

He has a large number of education presentations and videos accessible at www.adelabdelshafik.website and his educational YouTube channel has @ 10K subscribers. Some of his videos are re-uploaded in different websites and some were translated into Russian language.